Steve Snyder

Director of Client Engagement

Brand Experience:

Like most kids, I wanted to be a naval architect when I grew up. I studied design when I learned how much math would be involved and became fascinated by the idea of solving a business challenge – generating a desired action or reaction – through communication. I landed on the account management and strategy side of the business and after twenty-five years working with brands large and small across nearly every industry, I love the fact that although the tools are constantly evolving the goal remains the same. I’ve also learned that inasmuch as my job is about ensuring things actually get done (effectively organizing, implementing, and managing), it’s also about listening and critical thinking. The thrill is in those moments when something unexpected is revealed or the status quo is disrupted.

Life Experience:

Since 1997, I’ve volunteered to help organize the annual Farm Aid benefit concert in support of America’s family farmers. Each year I’m reminded that the combined efforts of a few can have tremendous impact; that a sea change builds from just a ripple. I love working in a profession where that same notion can be applied every day.

Steve Believes:

More than anything else, a brand is an experience based on a relationship, rooted in a culture. Make it relevant, authentic, enjoyable and fulfilling to the those it serves – and especially those that deliver it – and it will thrive and be shared.

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