Sherri Tarleton

Director of Content

Sherri Starcher

Brand Experience:

After graduating from Temple University with a Broadcasting and Telecommunications degree, I quickly realized that a career on the radio was not for me. Luckily, I found my way into the marketing and promotions side of the business, which later led to an exciting marketing career that has taken me through the healthcare, finance, aviation, retail and food services industries (to name a few). Having a well-rounded marketing eye has helped me to become a successful content creator, as I am able to see the forest through the trees, to fully appreciate the goal and eventual execution of the piece. Over the years I’ve worked with some well respected brands, such as Apple, Denny’s, Cynosure and Ryder Trucks.

Life Experience:

When I’m not working, I love checking out local concerts (though admittedly I get significantly fewer free concert tickets than I did during my radio days) and taking my dog for long hikes. My close friends and family know that I consider myself to be a taco and chili dog connoisseur.

Sherri Believes:

That content shouldn’t be created for the sake of creating content. Have a clear target and goal in mind – to deliver the right piece of content to the right person at the right time.
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