Matt Bowen

President + CEO


Matt Bowen Blog Posts

Brand Experience:

I’ve had the fortune to help some fantastic brands either get that way or raise the bar and go higher. I’m a strategy person at heart, but I especially love the human interaction with brands – both customers and employees. Technology has fantastically enabled brands to interact more with their customers than ever before, but remembering that the person we are interacting with is just that – an individual, is critical to success. I really enjoy brand challenges, whether they be from an international company, a merger of companies or a start-up that wants to change the world.

Life Experience:

So I may be a strategist at heart, but what fuels that is my creative and inquisitive nature. I love doing things that require both mind and body. From cultural cooking to travel to building things to outdoor exploration, I think of this all as one big adventure – an opportunity to learn, create and contribute.

Matt Believes:

An organization’s brand should be its most valuable asset. That requires an energizing alignment of strategy, operations, services, and most importantly, engaged hearts and minds.

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