Brand Strategy


At our core is the conviction that brand strategy = business strategy. While that might seem obvious, most firms approach branding on a surface level, focusing primarily on the veneer of a company. Not surprisingly, this typically produces underwhelming results and an ROI you’d rather not discuss with the CFO.

We see it differently. Our focus is to drive sustainable growth by creating and executing brand strategies that dive deep into the very essence of an organization.

This approach, which we call “Directing and Driving,” develops a brand strategy that isn’t born in a marketing vacuum, but rather is inextricably linked to, and often helps guide, the corporate strategy. The result is market and organization clarity that not only focuses internal innovation efforts, but also brings to life a clear plan for growth that the entire organization can understand and get behind.

When you know with absolute clarity how the organization is going to grow –– fueled by a clear, scalable brand strategy –– all of the pieces fall into place. This is why Aloft Group’s clients significantly outperform their competition.

Our brand strategy services include:

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand portfolio analysis and planning
  • Market/Customer perception research
  • Naming and naming conventions
  • Competitive brand research
  • Brand differentiation
  • Corporate/Product-Service positioning
  • Primary and secondary messaging
  • Brand narrative (the short brand pitch)
  • Visual identity and brand experience design
  • Brand guidelines and portals
  • Value proposition identification & development


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