Andrea J. Drown

Vice President, Operations

Andrea J. Drown


Brand Experience:

I was lucky enough to accidentally step into the advertising world through my finance career (it’s a long story), thus the reason I’m a numbers girl at heart. My life revolves around schedules and finances. I love to juggle multiple projects at once and strive to be super duper organized. Logical thinking is my number one priority. In my career I’ve helped many brands achieve success, including Celebrity Cruise Lines, Goodyear Tire, Nuance Communications, Progress Software, Parametric Technology Corporation and CSC among others.

Life Experience:

As a busy mother of two, I try to keep sane by attending as many yoga classes as possible in any given week. Although I love my job, being a mom is my favorite part of every day.

Andrea Believes:

That everyone deserves a voice when it comes to creativity. A singular tone and image can get very boring.

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